The Eighteen Hour Shiur!

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We matched the entire $10,000 fund,
and contributions for our programs for university students are still coming!
Sponsored by Sarena and David Koschitzky in memory of Riva Koschitzky z”l
and by The Weinbaum Foundation

Click on the titles of the following classes to download their source sheets:
6:00 AM – Daf Yomi: Bava Kama 110

6:45 AM – In-Depth Daf: How Does a Thief Repent? (sheet is in Hebrew, class is in English)

7:40 AM – Laws of Prayer: Must we wait for the Rabbi?
Audio is available on-line here; video may be available soon.

8:15 AM – Rav Kook on Teshuvah: The Return to Perfection
Sponsored by Kim and Matthew Friedberg

9:00 AM – Halachic Israel: Should the State Have Prisons?
Sponsored anonymously

10:00 AM – Bitcoin in Jewish Law

11:00 AM – The Call of Chaggai: Return to Zion!

12:00 PM – Business Ethics (with CPD): Conflicts of Interest
Sponsored by Miller Bernstein LLP

1:00 PM – Yaakov in Parshat Ki Tetze: The Beautiful Woman and the Rebellious Child
Sponsored by Beth and Mark Ziring

2:00 PM – The Greatest False Messiah: The Rise and Fall of Shabbtai Zvi
Sponsored by Ron Beker

3:00 PM – Rabbi Akiva’s Glasses (Hebrew)

4:00 PM – Medical Ethics (with CME): Assisting Abortion and Death
Sponsored by Rabbi Jonathan and Ora Ziring

5:00 PM – S.Y. Agnon’s The Orchestra
Sponsored by Lissette and Neil Reines

6:00 PM – Determining Maternity: For Female University Students
Recording and materials are not available on-line

7:00 PM – Responsa: Is Industrial Kosher Supervision Necessary?
Sponsored by Rabbi Mordechai and Caren Torczyner

8:00 PM – Legal Ethics (with CPD): Reporting Child Abuse
Sponsored by the Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre
Audio is available on-line here; video will not be available.

9:00 PM – Parenting from the Torah: Sibling Rivalry
Sponsored anonymously

10:00 PM – Coffee in Halachah
Audio is available on-line here; video may be available soon.

11:00 PM – B’Motzaei Menuchah: Introduction to Selichot
Sponsored by Shawna and Jeremy Magence

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We are grateful to Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn for the idea for this event.