Our Seder Boker Program!

Our Seder Boker program for Men, led by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Yeres, begins its second year this coming Elul!

10:00 AM to Noon, Mondays/Wednesdays

  • Talmud Study: Master Masechtot Megilah and Taanit in our chaburah, blending study and discussion.Topics include the cycle of Torah readings, Purim, prayers for rain and fast days.
  • Probing the Thought of Rav Kook: Study Lights on Orot by David Samson and Tzvi Fishman. This book introduces us to Rav Kook’s profound and visionary book Orot. Topics include the nation of Israel, land of Israel, and Israel’s role in world redemption.
  • Sefer Chovot Halevavot of Rabbi Bachya ibn Pakuda: This classic book of Jewish thought encompasses unique approaches to the values of Jewish life and serves as a looking glass to correct Jewish behavior and thought.

10:00 AM to Noon, Tuesdays/Thursdays

  • Analysis of Parshah Commentaries: Understand the classic approaches to the parshah. Texts will be selected from Ohr HaChaim, Kli Yakar, Seforno, Ramban, Sefer HaChinuch, as well as the Slonimer Rebbe’s Netivot Shalom.
  • Tanach: Study the conquest and settlement of Israel, via the books of Yehoshua and Shoftim. These two books take the Israelites into Israel and show the strengths and weaknesses of the people and their leaders. These books are essential to appreciate the conquest and settlement of Israel, and they lay the groundwork for the rest of the Bible.
  • Pninei Halacha of R Eliezer Melamed: Study contemporary Jewish practice through the writings of a leading Religious Zionist thinker. These volumes are available variously in Hebrew and English, and offer a window into how halachah and minhag are practiced today in modern society in Israel and the Diaspora.

For more information, please email Rabbi Yeres at myeres@torontotorah.com, or call 647-234-7299.
Women are invited to join our daily Women’s Beit Midrash program; for information, please email info@torontotorah.com.